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Welcome to Power to the Plurals and an introduction to the Stronghold System


We hereby officially welcome you to the Power to the Plurals website!
We have decided to make this website to spread more awareness about DID and the stigma that seems so closely tied to it. But mostly to bring knowledge, tips and tricks to those who (also) live with dissociative identity disorder.
We believe learning from other peoples experiences is a great way to move forward and to use as healing and/or coping mechanism. But of course this website, nor any other of our works can serve as therapy advice and/or the replacement of therapy.
We also hope this website will make it easier for our followers to know what we are up to, since there are so many social media platforms these days.

So lets share a little about us first, because maybe you have no idea whom we are.
We are the Stronghold System, a trauma based dissociative identity disorder system.
We have a Power to the Plurals youtube channel
with over a 100 videos on DID!
We also design DID Merch for you and your system!
In the StrongholdShop!
We admin multiple facebook DID groups and pages.
All our groups are 18+ legal body age wise.
The Power to the Systems group is not a support group but an empower group.
That does not mean we do not offer support when needed of course!
The group is also to get to know each other better, talk more in dept about our article, videos etc. You can also request videos, if you like  Power to the systems
AlterNation is a wonderful support group that we try to keep safe with the use of trigger warning and a good mod and admin team. And of course it’s filled with amazing people and systems, or it wouldn’t be as half as fun and helpful!  AlterNation
We also have a more scientific based group, to study and learn more about DID. This group is open to both those with DID and therapist, students etc. There are also some great helpful systems in there as well though!  Dissociative Disorder Study Group
We hope you find these groups helpful and that we get the opportunity to connect with each other via other, more easier ways. If you are concerned about your (online) safety, please feel free to make an account you only use for DID related purposes.

special brewjust for you.png
We are a trauma based DID system and got diagnosed in 2012. We also have (c)ptsd, general anxiety disorder and depression. We have about 6 different inside worlds that we know off. The main 40 of us live in ”the castle” About 12 of the 40 front regularly. We don’t exactly know how many alters are still hidden or not accessible but by now, we are pretty sure we are poly fragmented. Meaning alters having their own subsystems, and in some opinions also requires more then 100 alters.

Obviously our DID was caused by repetitive childhood trauma. To escape that in our teen years, when dutch CPS did nothing, we found a friendly group of people willing to help. Unfortunately these people had malicious intent and turned out to be a c*lt organisation and traumatized us far beyond what any human should endure. It took us nearly 4 years, but we escaped! We traveled the world for a good few years. We visited Mozambique, Indonesia, Canada and many countries in Europe. By now its nearly 14 years ago that we escaped! You can take a child out of cult, but can you take a cult out of a child? YES!
And that is why we started this website. To empower others, to take back control over our own mind, to heal and because we truly believe, that together we are stronger!  Our legal body age is 31 and we live in the Netherlands. We have a dog named Angel and cat called Serenade!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Power to the Plurals and an introduction to the Stronghold System”

  1. Welcome. I think It’s a great idea to have your own website.

    Even though we are too often out of spoons to keep ours going, the two years we were able to regulary post informative content helped us and some systems along the way

    Your friend Alex B.


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