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Why do we use self hypnosis? And what do we NOT use it for?!

As you might notice we like to write about quite controversial topics. Not only because we are controversial but also because we like people to think, not just assume when we or anyone else for that matter, writes or says something. We are all at a different place in our healing path, we are all going at a different pace, we are not all going in the same direction, yet both paths lead to healing. Every system is different and so are the tools, techniques and resources they use to cope, manage, process and heal.
In our toolbox we added hypnosis. Let me say that it’s important one understands the difference between a hypnotic state and a dissociative state before engaging in (self) hypnosis. Just as i think one should research their medication or what EMDR actually is, before engaging in it. We all know its a controversial topic. What should matter is if it works for you, if its a skill and a tool that could help you in day to day life. Or not because we don’t all have the same tools in our toolboxes and we also don’t all need the same tools either. We just need those that work for us. But this is why i chose to spoke out about our use of self hypnosis. So if people want to try it and see if they want to add it to their toolbox, then i hope i can provide them with tips and insights.

We have made a great video on how to create a safe space or a board room and how to invite other alters into that space. We personally as the Stronghold System use self hypnosis because it gave us a control over our mind that we did not have had in a long time. We found our subconscious actually comes up with brilliant solutions to our inside world troubles. Hypnosis was also used against us. It was one of the main techniques the c*lt used. We hacked their system. I taught myself, what they did, how to hypnotize myself and how to, slowly undo the damage they have done.

We also have a ”hypnotic button” on our wrist we can turn when things become too overwhelming. And it helps us to calm down. We use this mostly in public as a quick fix.
We use self hypnosis to build our inside world and make it better, improve it. For example we can very quickly pull a protective shield over our castle, which makes us all feel calmer and more safe right away. Anything your mind can come up and your heart agrees with, can be easily implemented into your subconscious by yourself with self hypnosis, meditation and/or visualisation. Some people write a hypnotic script for themselves. Others find it easier to listen to someone on youtube. For anxiety and sleep that works great. But you can’t have someone else build your inside world, thats not safe or ethical. If you feel the land is already claimed or does not feel safe, maybe try a spaceship? It’s all about what is suiting for you and your system, what does feel safest for everyone inside. And to find out, you will have to communicate with each other. Hypnosis can be used for so many things, that this would be an endless list.

I do wanna make a small disclaimer or note, that you can ALWAYS wake up from an hypnotic state. Even if someone says you can’t, your own willpower is stronger and you have right and are able to protect yourself! If you do self hypnosis, the worse thing that can happen si that you fall asleep.

Hence i will move on to the things we DON’T use self hypnosis for.
We will never use hypnosis to recover memories. We do not feel this is a reliable method for anyone, but especially not for someone with a dissociative disorder. When we (randomly) get memories back, and/or have flashbacks, we might use self hypnosis.
For example to make the image less blurry or to not feel the pain but just observe the memory and let it pass by like clouds in the sky.
We will never use hypnosis to age regress or do regression therapy. Its highly advised against for people with DID/dissociative disorders.
If we work together inside, we talk clear boundaries and what words not to use.
We don’t use hypnosis to find alters, besides if we know for sure someone wants us to find them but we cant connect or break amnesic walls.
Lastly we do not download unsafe files, dark files, cursed files or addictive files. We listen to the file, without going in trance, and make sure its safe and nothing triggering. Then when we listen again, we allow ourselves to go in to the hypnotic state.
But we still like self hypnosis best, because no one knows my mind as well as us.
We hope this was interesting and helpful to you! – Lisa and Katherine.

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