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Why writing to communicate with alters works so great and bullet journaling with a dissociative identity disorder System

When you write (or type or draw) you use a thing called muscle memory.
You remember what to do automatically.
You bypass the critical mind, you bypass thinking.
(the skill of writing, not the words you write, of course you do think about that)
Muscle memory is connected to your subconscious.
And your subconscious is connected to you and all other alters.
So when you write or type, you tap into the muscle memory skill,
thus you tap into your subconscious,
thus it’s easier to connect with deeper parts of the self.
Personally, i find written conversations more civil as well.
Since all parties can think before they write something down.
While auditory conversations inside can be hectic
and sometimes either very slow or way too rapid.
You can read the conversation back later,
which is not a bad idea since most of our memories are being like swiss cheese.
And it’s easier to confirm to oneself that the conversation really happened.
And remember, even if you don’t feel the need to write/draw, maybe others do.

Writing letters to each other like penpals and getting to know each other on paper,
will bring trust between people inside. Which will help to remove amnesic barriers
and will provide for easier communication inside
and also (eventually) co-consciousness.


We use 3 notebooks. On the left you see our 2018 one. The middle is the 2017 one.
We still had a lot of empty pages so we doodle an do some poetry in there.
But we mostly keep it in reach in case someone comes out that went dormant
and might know about the 2017 journal but not the 2018 one.
Then on the right is our Power to the Systems! notebook from the StrongholdShopWe use that one to plan, make notes and write down ideas and video requests.

Do you journal? Leave a comment below 🙂
We personally use our bullet journal the most.  And have an extensive video on how to start using it and make it as dissociative identity disorder – system friendly as possible.
For us bullet journaling makes sense, we can talk with each other, ask quick questions and ask and compromise for time ”outside” (using the body) while also planning life,
reminding us of eating, drinking, showering etc. Writing down your feelings can work really well to get the sharp edge off your feelings and to see things from a wider and more clear perspective. We also give each month a doodle page that our littles love to color on. We try to write down as much as we can. and also use trackers:


We also keep a therapy questions list and therapy journal reports in our bullet journal.
And we have a ”alter note” page that everyone can write on whatever they want.
We also mark journal entries that are only suitable for protectors in the system.

Last but not least, i wanna share about our page for new alters. We have written a letter to them and given them space to write something down, like their name or where we can find them in the innerworld. Some people also draw a map of their inside world in the journal to show where everyone lives and how to find people.

On the left first page of our notebook we wrote emergency contact persons and their contact info. Medication list. Insurance ID. An overview of our crisis plan. And a list of people NOT to contact now that its 2018. This all contained too much personal details and hence was left out of the picture.

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