Fundraiser for this website

Website fundraiser

My dear Power Systems, lets unite once again,
because together we are stronger!
Recently we launched our site by accident.
(you have to be a group member of power to the systems facebook group to see ^ link)
But we would really like to upgrade the package we have so we can enable more features. This website will be used to spread information about dissociative identity disorder, will have a full page dedicated to newly discovered/diagnosed systems,
will have info for professionals, you can print out and hand to them!
You can find our latest YouTube videos there, links to our Facebook Groups
and so much more! We will also publish all our writings and articles here first and then link them to other places later. Please help spread more awareness by supporting this fundraiser! If we all pitch in a little, together we can help a lot of people!
We would like to raise 200 US $ in total, as you can see 25% is already covered! (by the time i finished posting this we were at 43% as you can see in the picture! Thank you all so much!!) With the 200 dollars we can keep the website up and running with all features we need for 2 years. Please know we have also used 50 euros of the money from the StrongholdShop
to make this website in the first place. We hope after the 2 years, we make enough income, from youtube, StrongholdShop, our app that is being build to afford the costs
of the website ourselves.


If you want to contribute please visit our ko-fi page
and if you scroll down you see the blue box
that has a button that says ADD YOUR SUPPORT.
payment works via Paypal.
Here you can participate in the fundraiser and help spread awareness about DID, help new systems, help to break the stigma and help to have the community grow bigger, because together we are stronger! Power to the systems!
Thank you so much for your support! – The Stronghold System
PS. Please feel free to share this message!

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