Up and running, alive and well, surprise gone wrong, but who can tell ;)

So, we have a new record for finishing up a website asap. I think this is the fifth i build one and the last time was 2 years ago, and i should have just followed a step by step tutorial, but i did not and messed up. Accidently all my posts got posted to my other social media.

Which was supposed to happen, when the site was not in maintenance mode. But unfortunately we made a mistake and now we have a random website. This is not really the case though. We’ve wanted to build a DID website for quite some time. It was one of those things that got postponed until after the operation(s). But it might seem random to you all. Since we didn’t even announce anything yet and bam, tada, there it was….
We all cant wait to upload more content to this website!

But hosting a website is not cheap. And i don’t make enough money with my webshop
for DID Merch to make enough for it. Yet i find it important DID is normalized in society, accepted, recognized and treated correctly. I hope by creating this place here on the web,
more people will find hope instead of scary horror stories when googling about DID.

Hence i have started a crowdfunding to cover the expenses of the costs of the website. 
I already donated 70$ myself. And i need 200 in total to keep the site up and running for 2 years. That way i can just enjoy the site, write and not worry if i have to renew my ‘licence’ anything time soon.
If we all pitch in a little, we all help to reach a lot of people! We all work together to break the stigma and bring more awareness. We are already at nearly 50% of the end goal. The end goal will enable to me to keep the website up and running for 2 years. Which gives me time to grow my site, my youtube, my shop and then hopefully 2 years from now, i can pay for this website with the money i make from other Stigma Breaking, educational content and/or merch! please consider donating a few $
Every little bit helps its really true! Here you can donate via paypal 

Thank you all so so much!

We also hope you all join our new empowering facebook group,
obviously named power to the systems 

Thank you all so much for your continuing support.
Let’s dream big for this website and hope it brings many of those suffering
and struggling with (undiagnosed) DID on to the right path!

As you might know often it’s said that DID effect 1-3% of world population
or even 1 in 100. Yet statistics also show it can take 6-8 years to get a correct diagnosis.
50 procent get wrongly diagnosed with something else then PTSD.
Personally we think the real number of those with DID is actually much higher still.
And i think that movies like Sybell, Split or Glass do not contribute in feeling safe enough to talk with your therapist about the topic. Its should be safe though. We have 2 great videos on this topic, i will post them here for you.

Thank you for reading, watching, commenting, liking, sharing and donating to this great cause! We are looking forward to where this website will be in 2 years!
Please know the Fundraiser is still going on, if you would like to donate. 
We really appreciate you all so much and the support we received from you all
in the last few months has been overwhelming. Thank you all so, so much!

Who should know about your DID:

And how to tell a professional or therapist that you have DID:

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