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Quotes by Power to the Plurals

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Questioning the validity of large and/or polyfragmented systems is just as rude and uncalled for as questioning someone’s small system or their DID in general.
We are not too much, we are not too big, we are not too many.
I promise you, if you enhance your innerworld, make it safe and nice, your outside life will follow!
”When you are checking if becoming a therapist to just treat yourself, is quicker then the waiting list at the local specialist center, you know something is wrong with the mental health care.” – Stronghold System – Power to the Systems 

”on your path you will meet many who tell you, you are going the wrong way. I say trust your gut, trust your heart and trust your headmates. Not every healing path leads to the same destination. And even if it does, just as Rome was not build in a day, there were also multiple ways to get to Rome. Support each other, no matter where they choose to go. Support their hearts desire, support their healing path, no one is saying you have to take the same turn. Quite the opposite. Please walk your own path, your own healing journey, in the direction you find most comfort and healing.” — Lisa – Stronghold System – Power to the Systems

”The only thing people with DID fake,
is being “the body” or “the host” so we appear ’‘normal’’ to the outside world” thought i should let you know that… Amatist – The Stronghold System – power to the systems.
”It’s been 24 years since the DSM changed the name multiple personality disorder to dissociative identity disorder. Can we agree in 2019 we stop saying i have DID which used to be known as/called multiple personality disorder. Thank you!”
– Stronghold System – Power to the systems



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