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Non human / animal alters in dissociative identity disorder, not as rare as you might think!

Recently we held a poll in which 200 people with dissociative identity disorder participated. The question was a simple one,
does your system include any non human alters ?

Non human alters is a wide term, used on purpose in this poll.
It can mean anything from a robot, to an animal, an angel
or a talking tree. Or ANYTHING else.
This writing is meant to give information, stats and to give a better understanding
of non human alters, their possible purpose and to break the stigma surrounding the topic. Its nothing to feel ashamed about, its not weird or rare. As you will soon enough find out in this article.

In our groups  we often see people ashamed of having non human alters.
Or they don’t understand such a concept. What is the purpose?
And how am i going to live inside safely the rest of my life with a lion or a dragon?
The first thing to do in order to understand anything about it, is to realise and accept,
they are alters just like you, the host and everyone else in the system.

In the end, what it comes down to, like at the bottom line,
every alter came to help you survive a traumatic experience,
an ”out of the normal human experience event
I think non human alters can be created during both fight or flight experience.
Just different non human alters.
Some non human alters came to just protect (on the) inside.

So how do you live safely with a dragon or a lion next door?
You very slowly make first contact. If one of the alters feels especially connected to a certain kind of non human alter, then let that alter do the initial contact.
The ”How to train your dragon” movie, literally a life saver 😉
Jokes aside, in our System, Drake is not responsible for the dragons,
but he is responsible for other animals like the wolves.
He takes them out for runs, build shelters for them, he helps them feed.
Train social skills and tames them.

and if a bond is build one can communicate inside, with a non human alter.
Most likely not with spoken human words, but through imagery, visions, flashback’s dreams or if all else fails, nightmares. If it does not work to speak in human language to a non human alter, you could see if you could hold their ‘hand’ or maybe even hug them,
if you have established that trust. Then you try to send imagery to the non human alter.
Maybe they pick up on how to do it and that way you can establish more then just contact but an actual form of communication.

So here are the results of the poll we did:

non human alters

As you can see more than 80% of those with dissociative identity disorder or DDNOS
who participated in this poll have non human alters!
That alone should be a reason to not or feel less shame about this.
Because you are certainly not the only one, nor the exception to the rule!

Every DID System is unique and different. Every System has its own mechanisms
on how things work (best) and the best thing i can advise you is, go with your gut.
Follow your intuition, listen to your heart. Try to imagine the scared child in that
scary monster in front of you. ”kiss” the frog and release the prince.
(please don’t randomly kiss any alter, its a metaphor.)
Also try to accept the culture of non human alters if they have one.
In return you can expect the same.

We hope this article was helpful to both those with DID and those who treat people with DID. I think your patients might be very interested to hear that over 80 % has non human alters in this non scientific yet very interesting poll.
Thank you for reading! Please like this post if it was helpful for you 🙂

Disclaimer; i know i skipped whole groups of types of (non human) alters in this post, this is not to exclude any one type of non human alters in your or anyones system.
There are many, many more examples of different types of non human alters that i have not mentioned here. Feel free to share your own experience in the comment section!


9 thoughts on “Non human / animal alters in dissociative identity disorder, not as rare as you might think!”

  1. This made us cry,the all cats meowed the panthers and all the birds flew into the sky dancing.. the flying lions roared,the leopards growled and all the winged wolves howled in joy. Never before have we felt this validated. We are not a human,never was,the human she’ll is a menagerie inside..we thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really not often do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you might have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is excellent; the problem is something that not enough persons are talking intelligently about. I’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my seek for something referring to this.


  3. I’ve lived with what I’ve thought was a “monster” inside me since 5-6 years old, until I got to understand it enough to discover it was a dragon protecting the broken child. With time, the dragon has been pacified to the point to make the child feel really safe; yet, while reading it, I’ve come to understand how did I finally pacified the dragon, how the child took part on this, why hugs are so effective to keep the dragon down. Also, I could feel the child climbed to the edge, expecting and hopeful, as I was assimilating the information.
    None of my therapists seemed to be aware of the existence of a dragon alter, or maybe they were just trying to ignore it in order to force me to overcome it; as a result, it has always prodeced me a sence of shame and terror, and I rarely share its existence with some particularly special people, as keeping it hide the whole time is really hard work. Thank you very much for this help; as usual, I feel exhausted after dealing with the splinters, but behind that, a sense of peace always appears. Thank you so much!

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