Thank you all so much!!!

Untitled design (25)What a day of celebration!
1200 members on my YouTube Channel
1500 members in AlterNation our DID support group
600 members in our DID study group 
and 135 members in my recently started group Power to the Systems
and empowering DID group where we can also talk more in dept about the articles written here and/or our videos, social media posts and more.
You can ask your questions, about our system or DID in general too.

Our system very well realises that we only hit these milestones because of you!
Because you choose to be a part of the community we are a building,
because you believe, like us, that together we  are stronger.
We are so thankful to each and everyone of you.
And we are looking forward to where we are heading, together, in the future!

Thank you all so much!.png

Someone asked me recently if it was not bothering to me, that my (youtube) channel was not growing as big as other youtube channels. Some of you haters who have nothing better to do might read this post just for laughs. I hope you noticed by now that your comments don’t get posted. I don’t care about numbers whatsoever. I care about reaching those who need to be reached. I care about those who need it the most.
I’m not online to entertain, im online to support and to teach what i know.
I do not want people to follow me for the sensation.
I want them to because they want to join a community
that wants to heal and grow together.
Why i post about the numbers then you ask?
Because i am proud of all the work i have done.
This did not ”just happen” this was hard work and it’s good to acknowledge that
and to be proud of what i have accomplished, am accomplishing and will accomplish.

1500 members.png

As you might know part of the goal of this website is to show professionals all over the world that it is possible to treat DID with some extra education.
Dr. Mike Lloyd has written an article for this website, which soon will be posted!
And i’m also contacting other people in the field to ask them to write an article to share with people, but especially other psychologists in the field, that DID is treatable by any compassionate trauma therapist, no matter their background training, if they are willing to learn about dissociation.

Our system hopes that eventually we are able to provide you with (free of course) packages you can print and take to your therapy appointment. We will make various packages. One you can send before the appointment, so they can read up about DID and then one you can take with you to the appointment, with tips and tricks for you to mention, answers to we can’t treat this. A recommendation list with resources of information you can hand the therapist and much, much more. We also want to make a package for care takers, family, friends, case workers, the government, social workers etc. This is a long work in progress, so sadly, don’t expect this to be out soon, but this is what we hope to work on and be able to provide to both patients with dissociative identity disorder and (their) psychologists and psychiatrists. We will release the packages one by one, so more will become available over time once we are ready.

Again we thank all of you for your continued support!! And we are so thankful to get to know you all better on our various social media’s but especially our new group on Facebook Power to the Systems. 

Power to the Systems – Emely.

Untitled design (25)

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