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TW: What is Programming 101 in Dissociative Identity Disorder – Part 1

What is programming:

Programming varies per group of perpetrator one grows up with. Programming is very often related to RA/SRA. But not always. Programming is often started in early childhood. Although i can personally testify it works as well on a 12+ year old who already has a dissociative identity disorder. Maybe we were programmed before that but we have no memory recollection or proof (yet, we also still have 9 unknown sub systems) Some organisations/abusers hire professional programmers, because they can’t do it themselves (as good.) Others have people in their c*lt or network specialized in this. Others use the technique where they teach system members how to program internally, often by making them believe/ changing them into robots. Programming is always used to control the victim. Programming can be for many things a few examples are silencing, creating new alters or inner worlds in a plural person, sui, sh, going back to the abuser, being made unable to eat, take medication or remember. Programming is often but not always related to dates. Like a birthdate, join date or holiday. But can also be totally random and make no sense (until 20 years later you find out actually thats the date of …. )

How do they do it:
obviously i am not going to write anymore here then needed. The very basics is trauma. Once trauma is induced, the brain releases chemicals which will bypass the critical mind, this is sometimes compared to an esdaile state in hypnosis, but the esdaile state does NOT have the hormones released from the trauma! Its not the same thing. (If you have no idea what i’m talking about nvm i just know some people gonna ask about this) Very, very often dr*gs is used. Dr*gs that open the mind and sedate. This is often administered directly into the blood flow through IV. Once the brain is in the correct state of mind, the programmer will give tasks to the subconscious and often connects it to different alters, different inner worlds or even objects inside (sometimes referred to as horcruxes these days) Often 1 program gets linked with another and repercussions are set up if the programming is not followed. The c*lt we personally were in used waterboarding as their main technique. Hence our terrible fear of water. We cant even drink it. There are some very well known programming techniques that anyone basically can look up, because usa gov released them. Or at least part of them. We will never know if they released everything but imho prob not. I am mostly referring to projects as M***K Ult*ra and M*ckingb*rd. Severe trauma, brain surgery, dr*gs and much more was used in those projects which were first developed in Germany right before/during WW2. Then USA took those scientist into their country. This is not a conspiracy theory, you can find all official documentation on this by USA government online. They released it themselves. No i won’t share links to this. Nor will i accept comments with links, on this post.

What does it feel like when programming goes off:
When programming goes off, sometimes the rest of a system shuts down, not always. It depends on the programming and healing the system has been able to do. It feels as if nothing else matters or even exists besides the one task ahead. It feels/sounds and is intrusive thoughts and actions. Often when programming goes off, the body remembers and hence certain of those chemicals/hormones are released by the brain. It’s a (not so well functioning) protection mechanism. The brain fog that this gives, makes it extremely difficult to see what is going on and to combat and stop the programming. The compulsion one can feel can be unbearable. Going against it, often physically hurts. During healing we might realize what is going on, yet are unable to stop it yet. This is the most difficult stage for many programmed systems. Programming can go off by a date, a word/sound/sentence/topic, a taste, smell, or something visually seen like a signal or (colored) lights. Programming can also be set off in some systems by touching certain places of the body. Any good programmer has programmed combined triggers. So for  example we all get an icky feeling inside when we hear the word rape. That does not mean you are programmed. Now if you hear the word rape, then keep seeing X everywhere and hear repeated messages inside to do XYZ, it might be programming. One word programming or non combined programming is also a danger for the c*lt/abuser/programmer. (sometimes called handler) and hence highly unlikely.

How to know if you are programmed:
The best way to find out if you are programmed is by keeping a journal together with your alters. Do you notice your panic days are on the same date each year? You can ask bluntly inside or on paper. You can also notice trough dreams, flashbacks and ab-reactions. The truth lays inside you, not outside of you. And so does the key to healing it.

How to heal yourself of programming:
Read Deprogramming yourself 101
Links to more (S)RA/MC/programming information

6 thoughts on “TW: What is Programming 101 in Dissociative Identity Disorder – Part 1”

  1. Hey there,thank you so much for this important and so carefully shared information.We are also a polyfragmented,fractalline DID System that went throu SRA AND MKU.We are from Germany and are greatful to know of such wonderful System in a nearby country.We wish you all the best,healing and more and more empowerment for all uf you.We do not have a Systemname yet or at all!?We would really to be pleased to get reply if you like to.HannaH

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