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Innerworld  #DID101 – Article 4.

Innerworlds are a therapeutic tool. It is widely used for many therapies and reasons, one of them being Dissociative Identity Disorder. Some people with DID (or OSDD) grew up with their innerworld. Others want to create one after a diagnosis or when they read about innerworlds. Your innerworld can be anything you want. Anything the mind can come up with can be realized and become reality in your innerworld. This means you can create a safe space inside, where you all can live and heal. We promise you, if you enhance your innerworld, make it safe and nice, your outside life will follow!

This safe space is something specific to you and your system. No two innerworlds are exactly the same. You can have fictional realms from books, tv shows, movies, etc. You can have all of the system live in one place or live in many places. Your innerworld may be small or large as it depends on the systems need. It’s always best to consult within the system to find what’s best for you.

Whether you already have an innerworld but want to make adjustments, or if you start from scratch, you can build your own innerworld. It might take some practise and there are different techniques to try out, including writing, meditation, art, lucid dreaming and self hypnosis. We created this video on how to build an innerworld with self hypnosis. There is NO hypnosis in the video! The idea is that it teaches you how to do it yourself or with/someone in your system.

And for those who know they have an inside world, but they cannot access it we want to explain that you can use the same techniques. Or if you can be co-conscious then you could try to hold someone’s hand inside, as they access the innerworld. I also want to say that just because you do not see it (yet) does not mean you are not already there.

Please only share what is safe for you and what you are comfortable with, check inside before posting. If you like you can share about your own innerworld in the comments of the group. Join the discussion. To really engage and learn from each other we invite you to join our Power to the Plurals Facebook group.  This is also where you can find The Stronghold System (Sarah Clark) and TheMyriad System (Ashton Parker) personal experience with the topic we discuss. We hope for active interaction between members of the group.

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