2019 – From surviving to living

As we close the chapter of 2018 and enter into the new year, i like to take a moment to reflect and to share our intentions for 2019.

On a personal level 2018 was crazy. With 3 surgeries in one year, defeating cancer before it got a real chance to get a hold and managing 4 Facebook groups, a website and a YouTube channel, i had to take a break as much as possible after my last surgery in November. I said this after the first 2 surgeries as well, but failed. And it cost me my health psychically and mentally. I’ve not secretly been recording behind the scenes nor have i been writing a whole lot. I took a real break. I decided to give up on the study group on Facebook. A great concept but it did not work out in the way i wanted it. There was not nearly enough dept. I decided to invest my time, energy and resources into other projects instead. AlterNation our Plural support group has blossomed to be a wonderful, open minded and respectful  community. The empowerment project that i started with Ashton Parker in our Power to the Plurals Empowerment Facebook group is going great! I am glad we can back up the articles here on the site as well. But there is great interaction in the group. Everyone with DID is different and that shows in the group. Which seems to give people a deeper understanding on the subject(s). This project will continue with weekly articles until the end of 2019. And we are looking forward to see the healing and growth of ourselves and our members.

2019 is the year where we go from surviving to living. I choose this statement because its one of the first steps towards healing more deeply. We gotta get out of auto pilot. We have to start feeling safe again. In the outside world, in our body, with ourselves and each other.

Gandhi said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” –
Those are big words. Hence for 2019 i say
”Be the change that you wish to see
in your system.”

We will write another more in depth article on this in 2019.
Next to this website, the empowerment project, AlterNation and Power to the Plurals we have some more awesome things coming up in 2019.

First of all we are going to the US of A!
We are visiting the 9th Infinite mind, Healing Together conference in Orlando Florida. On February 1-3 2019. We are very much looking forward to learning, healing, sharing, growing and of course meeting other awesome Plural Systems. Hence we are organizing a pre-meet before the conference. More info on that can be found in our Facebook groups.

We are also looking forward to the month of March. When we will spread awareness of DID and break the stigma together. 2019 is also the year that marks the 25th anniversary of MPD (multiple personality disorder) becoming DID (dissociative identity disorder.)
We will continue to make video’s for both YouTube and this website. We have some exciting video plans and collaborations planned. We are also joining the Me in We podcast in early 2019. And lastly in 2019 we want to create at least 1 new design each month for our shop. Of course we will also keep sharing articles and information here on the website. And we hope to get some more collaborations with professionals in 2019. Seems like the perfect year to me!

We wish you all more healing and growth in 2019. We hope this year will bear the fruits of the work you have done before. We wish you all prosperity and togetherness. Because together we are stronger. Much (self) love to you all and happy new year!
The Stronghold System – Power to the Plurals.



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