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Alters and how to communicate with them #DID101 – Article 6.

Alters refers to the dissociative part of the personality. Everyone in a Plural System is an alter.  Alters have their own personality traits, wisdom, knowledge and memories possibly including trauma. Alters can identify as any part of the LGBTQ+ community and can be anywhere on the gender spectrum. Alters can be old, young and may be different races. They can speak different languages and have a variety of interests. The vast differences between alters can include various disabilities either physical, developmental or mental, in the innerworld or outerworld. Some can be based off of reality while others may be based off of fiction. Some alters may be human or non-human, like animals or supernatural beings. In the last big poll in AlterNation, our Plural support group, 80% of the 200 participants answered that they have nonhuman alters in their systems. Alters (can) have their own role within the system. We will address individual roles and what the might include at a later time. For those that would like to watch, the Stronghold System has a great video with 11 tips and tricks on how to better communicate with your alters!

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This is also where you can find The Stronghold System (Sarah Clark) and TheMyriad System (Ashton Parker) personal experience with the topic we discuss. We hope for active interaction between members of the group.

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