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Support Group Edition – 10 things to do on DID Awareness Day March 5th & Plural Events


”Here in Australia, down in Melbourne we have formed our own independent, Plural safe space called ‘Echoes’ that has been running for almost 10 years based out of Brunswick. For, by and about people multiplicity, dissociation and amnesia. It is for anyone who is seeking support for experiences of any kind of dissociation and/or multiplicity. Clinical diagnosis is not a requirement. All DI groups have at least one facilitator who is a peer worker, that is, has a personal lived experience of dissociation or multiplicity. We can help rural or housebound members attend a group via skype. We meet every fortnight and share how we are going with life, question/concerns that we wish bring. We share resources that are available within the city of Melbourne that could assist other members and our experiences of using those services. Some of us are new member, others who have been around for years. Some are strong advocates trying to make an impact and educate their community or even workplace/university while other are just learning how to get by and navigate in a world that doesn’t seem to yet understand them. We follow group values set up by the group and reviewed and spoken at the beginning of every meeting including non-disclosure and respect. We meet every fortnightly have a mix of ages, genders and plurals, non-plurals and support people.
More information about Echoes can be found here (click)
Our group(s) will for sure spread DID awareness on March 5th & celebrate the other events by using the tips & ideas provided by Plural Events!”
– Puddles System, Australia

10 things support groups can do during Plural Events

1 Create a Plural posters/postcards/poems &c. together

2 Share your Plural coming out story

3 Answer questions by non Plural folks

4 Watch a Plural video or live stream together.

5 Listen to a plural podcast episode together & discuss

6 Write each other positive messages about internal relationships in a special notebook

7 Bring in your system diagrams or headmaps to do show & tell

8 Color, paint, make collages, or otherwise decorate &’s or make a group & flag

9 Share readings and descriptions of other types of plurality and discuss inclusivity and respect

10 Challenge the media on their representation of DID

Looking for ideas to spread awareness by yourselves? Click!
This post is a collaboration by the Plural Events team. 

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