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Dear cupcake supporters, we are making the switch! Important update!

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In this post we explain how to cancel ko-fi! Hi dear cupcake supporters, we are making the switch to patreon! We would love it for you to follow and support us there instead. We do this because ko-fi still does not send out emails when we post something new here. This has become so frustrating that we don’t even wanna pre-release anymore, as no one sees it. So to better ourselves, or well the platform we offer to support us financially, we have decided to switch to Patreon instead. You can find us at patreon.com/powertotheplurals

In this post i will explain how to cancel your payments here:

How do I cancel recurring payments to a creator?
If you no longer wish to subscribe to a creators page you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Note: Just deleting your Ko-fi supporter account does not cancel your recurring payments, these must be cancelled using the methods below.

If you subscribed using PayPal please login to your PayPal account and click Payments > Pre-approved payments and choose cancel on the status of that payment. You will need to be logged into the desktop (full) dashboard as it is not currently possible to cancel pre-approved payments using a mobile app.

If you subscribed using credit card / Stripe then you can cancel your subscription from your Account page when logged in. https://ko-fi.com/account/manage

We hope this post helps with an easy transitioning. If you can no longer support us financially, then please know we accept and understand this fully. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. And we hope to provide better quality as Patreon.

Thank you so much for your support,

The Stronghold System,
Sarah& Clark

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