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10 things i wish i had known 10 years ago

In this video Emely shares the 10 things, she wish she had known 10 years ago, when she found out she had Dissociative Identity Disorder. Under the video is a simple list of the 10 things mentioned in the video. We appreciate you investing the time to learn more about DID! Part 2 of this video can be found by clicking this link!


  1. Nightmares.
  2. To expect more alters to show up
  3. Flashbacks that make little sense
  4. That every alter came to help
  5. Grounding Techniques
  6. That it is safe to join the online DID & Plural community
  7. How hard it is, to find a therapist
  8. Puzzle pieces
  9. Inside safety & happiness bring outside safety & happiness.
  10. Being a system vs being a collective system.
  11. It’s okay to trust the Others inside.

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