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The 5 steps to become a Collective DID System

This video is related to Emely’s previous video
”The 10 things i wish i had known 10 years ago”

In step 10 of the previous video, Emely stated that becoming a (collective) system, takes work. Or more specifically, working together, collectively as a system. So in this video, Sarah Clark explains our 5 steps to become a Collective DID System.  Under the video you find a short list of the things mentioned in this video. We appreciate the time you take, to learn more about Dissociative Identity Disorder! This video is great for new(ly) diagnosed systems!

  1. Internal communication 
  2. Agree on house rules/guidelines
  3. Get on the same page and set common life goals
  4. Divide roles and tasks
  5. Set up regular innerworld meetings.
  6. Explanation about Collective System.

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