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Growing in your Plural Pride part 1

A thought; We still often connect switching with triggers.
By now many people say switches come from positive or negative triggers.
But do they?
By talking about switching like this, don’t we make it a bigger deal then it is?
Years from now, when I truly can see myself as a non disordered system,
(as we personally have no need for alter integration)
do I wanna switch because of triggers and do I wanna call it that?
Would I still use the words positive and negative triggers once the ptsd is healed?
There is nothing wrong with switching for seemingly no reason
besides someone else belongs in this moment.
If we are healed, we should be able to switch at will.
There is a beauty in being able to be and work together so closely,
that you can choose together, who best suits a situation.
And if there are no amnesiac walls and you do not lose time
and you can experience from the inside what is experienced on the outside, all of you, then I see nothing wrong with that. Nothing to be ashamed off.
More so, something to be proud of.
I know that while writing this, there will be some people
who might not even be able to imagine what this looks like yet.
That is okay. Obviously i did not have these thoughts when i just got diagnosed.
We do not have a lot of great Plural role models yet in this world.
We invent the wheel together. Step by step and day by day.
I am not sure if i will ever reach this level of cooperation with everyone in my system. But i do trust enough in my system, in my selves to reach this with our main fronters. And if you long for it, i wish you the same. There will be a part two to this.

From coping skill,

to trauma disorder,

to a way of collective living.

Together we are stronger,

Power to the Plurals.



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