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Get to really know your alters with this easy list!

This list is intended for Plurals & people with dissociative identity disorder, who want to get to know and connect more with their alters. It is intended to help you improve understanding, acceptance, internal communication & community with the others in your system. Please remember that the goal of this communication is understanding, not agreement. Please do not force system members to disclose information or to participate in this project if they are not interested or ready.

This list mentions an (optional) buddy system, where you team up with someone inside and help each other when needed. It works best to team up with a buddy you trust and can communicate with internally. If you do not have (good) internal communication yet, watch our video with 11 tips and tricks!

Text continues under the video.

This list is not intended for use on the internet! Please realize this information could get in the wrong hands. The idea is to use this list privately, within you own system.

It’s okay to not answer every question if it makes you uncomfortable, does not apply to you, or you are not ready to disclose the information to your system!

If you copy paste this text, you can remove or add questions.
You are free to edit and print this text for personal system use.
If you would like to use this list in a non system group or therapy setting, please DM us first for further details and permissions.
This list may be shared online, with a mention of the source, in its current format only.
(Which means you can’t share this list, in written or picture format, with filled in answers about yourself or others!)

Please also have a look at our from Crisis to Safety plan resource if you feel you could benefit from it!






Favorite color:

Favorite food:

Did you go to school:

Do you have a favorite memory:

What is one thing you wish people understood about you:

Do you know and understand what consent is:

Do you know other people in this system:

If so whom:

What helps you when you are sad:

What helps you when you are angry:

What helps you when you feel shame:

What helps you when you feel overwhelmed:

What comforts you:

Is there anyone you trust inside:

Are you able to communicate internally with this person:

Do you want that person to be your buddy in times of need:

Does that person consent to be your buddy in times of need:

Can that person help you with the rest of the questions:

Where are you originally from in the Innerworld:

Where do you live now in the innerworld:

Where would you like to live in the innerworld:

Are you from a sub system:

How long have you been in the system:

Are you human or non human:

Did you have a task or role in the system growing up:

Do you have a task or role in the system now:

Do you have a desire to age up:

Do you have known triggers:

What are your thoughts on integration:

Are you scared of someone in our system:

Are you scared of someone outside:

What things do you need help with:

Are you able to be co conscious:

How often would you like to front:

How do you feel about time sharing:

What things do you enjoy to do, when you front:

What other things should we know about you:

Are there things you want to know about us:

Is there something you need right now and how could we provide this for you:

It’s great you are proactive in getting to know each other! We hope this list is beneficial and helpful for you and your system! If you want to support our work, we accept donations. – Together we are stronger. Power to the Plurals!

10 thoughts on “Get to really know your alters with this easy list!”

  1. This is a fabulous list! We have put together a Profiles Template with getting-to-know-you questions for our own use, including home details and partner/children etc., but this covers areas we hadn’t thought of. Thanks so much!
    –LambSoul System


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