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In need of some Plural Life Hacks? You find them here!

Plural life heck: If Plurals shift their positive self talk to a Plural format, by using words like we and us, their whole system can benefit from it. Another great benefit is that you start to recognize bad self talk quicker. As it will speak about you and I.
Plural life heck: Many Plurals find that by making physical contact in the innerworld, like holding hands, hugging or placing a hand on someone’s shoulder, it’s easier to share memories, transfer skills and share strength. It’s also a great way to protect the person fronting, without anyone in the outside world knowing.

Plural life heck: Agreeing to time sharing can work great for (large) systems who can share consciousness between (certain) system members. If a few headmates enjoy the same hobbies or like the same people, try to share and enjoy the activity together.

Plural life heck: You can learn internal communications by working together. This video by Power to the Plurals has 11 great tips and tricks, click the image to watch.
Plural life heck: it’s often a good idea for Plurals, to ask the questions they post in Plural safe spaces and support groups also inside. The answers from your insiders are always more specific and their insight might surprise you.
Plural life heck: Don’t forget to accomodate inside for your non humans. Maybe they want a forest to run, a sky to fly or a cave to live in. Maybe they can show you by making physical contact inside or in a vision or dream.
Plural life hack: Having a simple plan in place to switch, based on censent can help greatly. Something like announcing yourself to the headmate fronting and giving that person the chance to say goodbye or finish what they are doing and then making the switch mutual and consensual, can make switches less intense, avoid headache and internal fights.
Plural life hack: Switching based on consent also teaches your mind and brain a new way to switch. Which eventually will lead to less unexpected switches. And might help with sharing time and losing less time & memory. Especially if you combine this with working through certain triggers with the people that get affected by them
Plural life hack: Having a plan in place for when someone new shows up, will lessen the stress on all sides. Learning to trust that everyone came into being, to help the system makes it easier to welcome new people. With less bias, fear and resentment. Assuming the best about someone inside you don’t know, brings healing and acceptance.
Plural life heck: answering the questions from this list can improve communication and connection click the image.
Plural life heck: Not being consciously aware yourself that something is happening in the inside world, like people supporting each other, school for the children or what the non humans are up to, does not mean it’s not talking place.
Plural life heck: Make sure to have a space inside that people can go to who are struggling. Not everyone is good with words. Showing up should count. Make sure support is available in this space.

Plural life heck: Learned something new that could benefit the rest of your system? Share it with your insiders! Journal about it or talk about it in a daily inside meeting.

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