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On Plural activism & feedback:

We’ve heard that many of you want to be more involved in Plural activism & advocacy work but are or feel unable to or maybe do not know where to start. From an activist standpoint, now is the time to ask you all to take the next step. The next step is to give feedback. I’m not talking about support posts or people’s personal stories. I mean when an advocate writes an article. When an activist uploads a new video. When a Plural content creator releases new infographics. That way you do not have to write the full article, but you can add on!

You can give good feedback by first mentioning something you liked about the work and then something you experience different or disagree with, while keeping it close to yourself and personal.
For example, I feel upset because it works different in my system.
Instead of saying, you make me upset because your system works different then mine.
Make sure to focus on the article, not so much the writer. Most often personal attacks are unnecessary. Try to avoid absolute statements, words like never, always, everyone or no one.
If you do not have anything for the second point or simply because you want to, you can include something that you recognize in yourselves from the article. The empathic approach instead of the sympathetic one. And the same goes for videos and other types of content.

We ask you to do this so we can improve our work with your feedback. You can inspire others with your unique Plural System, life experiences and the ideas flowing from your mind. We are asking this so we can gain a better understanding of the many different Plurals out there. I truly believe your voices, stories, visions and ideas are important. I believe it can be a great way to speed some of these slow process up a bit. We are also asking you this so the clinical community has better feedback. (For example, by commenting on our public page & website.) To encourage other Plurals, to give the right example, to give hope to those who just found out they have DID and for the next generation. We generate change together. So please, if you can, leave some feedback!

Thank you for investing the time to read this article. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback in the comment section. We hope you learned something new. If you want to support our work, we accept donations. – Together we are stronger. Power to the Plurals!

3 thoughts on “On Plural activism & feedback:”

  1. What can non-Alter systems do? WHERE can non-Alter systems, especially tulpamancy-like ones like ours, share our experiences and learn more about Alter systems without fearing we’re “stealing” resources or falling prey to stereotype threat?

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    1. Hi Mintphalanx, thank you so much for your comment. Reading your comment i think you must have had some tough convos with disordered DID people. Personally, we believe DID and Tulpamancy systems can learn so much from each other. It personally helped me to work through shame, to feel less of a ‘failure’ – other people worked damn hard to (try to) become Plural, so why would i be ashamed of it. We have a support group on Facebook that is open to all Plural, no matter origin. I think it would help to share your experiences there, help to break the stigma also within our own communities and educate people on what you know. Being trauma informed is helpful as well. We hope this website is also helpful for you. We also have a youtube channel at youtube.com/powertotheplurals – Thank you so much!


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