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Best practise resource for RA Survivors in DID & Plural safe spaces.

Ritual abuse (RA) is abuse that is deliberate, repetitive and ritualistic in nature and often attached to specific dates. When this type of abuse happens in group context and/or when multiple groups participate, we speak of a collective trauma date. Often, but certainly not always these dates correlate with holidays. Many of us RA Survivors find each other in DID & Plural safe spaces. This is a best practice guide by SRA Survivors in hopes of bringing more understanding to the DID & Plural community.
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  • Collective trauma: Anything can be a trigger to anyone. But we know that RA Survivors often share collective triggers. These are often emoticons, colors, numbers, dates, spiritual and/or religious and/or occult topics, childhood movies, stories, rhymes and nursery rhymes. Ang*ls, Dem*ns, poss*sion and c*lts are also extremely triggering to certain (s)RA survivors. Avoid these topics when you know you are interacting with RA Survivors.


  • (s)RA: (s)RA survivors share collective trauma and dates with RA survivors. But they also share other collective trauma and dates together. The s in (s)RA stands for sat*nic.


  • Holidays: Avoid mentioning holidays by name when possible. Using a substitute, like the day when children dress up and collect candy works better. Everyone (in the west) will know what you mean, but it possibly avoids triggering someone. Please know not every collective trauma date or holiday affects every (s)RA survivor. To imply otherwise is dangerously suggestive!


  • Do not ask for proof! You are not the police. We are not in court. We do not have to prove anything to you. You do not ask these questions about other survivors, either. It is extremely invalidating, and your scepticism or curiosity must not be our problem.


  • Do not out people! Whether you are an RA Survivor or not, when someone posts a question without giving details, you do not have the right to spread details about other people’s trauma. Just because the same thing happened to you or someone told you about it, it should ALWAYS and only be up to the original poster & their System to choose to reveal which and how much information they are able and willing to disclose. This can really put RA Survivors in danger. As it can too easily trigger programming in certain Survivors.


  • Programming: Sometimes you will read about the term programming in RA Survivors posts. Without giving too many details, a programming response is a conditioned, extremely involuntarily compulsion. Which sometimes, for some people can be experienced as psychotic symptoms or dissociative behaviors that could put them in danger. This programming is triggered in the same way PTSD or switching can be triggered. So avoid asking for or mentioning details, whenever possible.


  • System pride day and flag: Be aware that the ‘system pride day and flag’ are extremely upsetting and triggering to some RA survivors. Not only because of the colors that were chosen, but also because of the original event date, the extreme silencing and exclusion of this event and it’s associates.


  • Prayer: Please do not offer prayer to RA Survivors without the topic starter explicitly asking for it, as it could trigger badly, even if your intentions are good.


  • Trigger Warnings & st*rs: RA Survivors, like most DID Survivors have alters and days on which they can handle triggering topics. But also alters and days when they can’t handle triggering topics. This is why trigger warnings with an option to click open the post work great for RA Survivors. It gives us back the control, by allowing us to choose to click or not. Although st*rs or d.ts are definitely not trigger free for everyone, it does seem to help certain RA survivors to bypass programming. Some RA Survivor Systems have taught themselves to not read text that is st*rred if they are not in a safe headspace. Please remember that different groups have different rules in place when it comes to the usage of trigger warnings and st*rs.
Please use self care and know that the following links are not trigger free.
If you want more information on RA you can visit RA info.
We have a list available with links to our own work and other people’s work on RA.
Feel free to share a link to this article with people who could benefit from it.

Thank you for investing the time to read this best practice resource list. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback in the comment section. We hope you learned something new. If you want to support our work, we accept donations. – Together we are stronger. Power to the Plurals!

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