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Watch our Q&A Fundraiser event for The Plural Association & it’s WarmLine!

Live Plural Q&A Fundraiser youtube thumbnail.png

January 9th 2020 at 2pm EST (New York) or 8PM CET (Amsterdam) The Plural Association (TPA) organises it’s first fundraiser event.
The live event has ended, you can now watch it back:
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We have decided to make this event online and for free on the Power to the Plurals youtube channel. It will be hosted by Sarah Clark from Power to the Plurals – AlterNation and Azi Bass from the Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group.

You can ask your questions about Plurality, DID, OSDD etc. Of course questions on the nonprofit including it’s warmline, that you could read more about in our previous post, are also welcome. During this event we fundraise through superchats on youtube and like always donations can be made at ko-fi.com/thepluralassociation

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The Plural association, including the warmline, chat and email platform require and depend on community support, which includes a financial part as well as a volunteer part. We want this project to truly be by Plurals, for Plurals.
Our slogan is, Together we are stronger. So we truly believe that together we can create this missing link of services, for all Plurals worldwide, as it is so needed! People who do not identify with the Plural label are of course also welcome. Volunteer signup option(s) will be available when The Plural Association’s own website goes live at http://www.thepluralassociation.org

What donations are used for:

Maybe you& are wondering what the money will be used for, so we’d like to take a moment and tell you more about it and be as transparent as we can.
We have initial start up cost, like any other nonprofit. By registering our nonprofit in the Netherlands we are able to keep these cost at a minimum, of just 500 euros. We also need an address to register our nonprofit, to protect the privacy of the founders, while we all work from home to keep the cost as low as possible. We have found an online office option that cost 70 euros a month. Besides that we have to custom build an online platform that can handle the phone calls, chats and emails. If we look at other warmlines, we know that the cost of a call is around $10. We want to offer the calls for free to all Plurals, who need them. For that we depend on monthly repeating donations to come in. This is why we work with the ko-fi platform, starting at $3 a month.

Text continues underneath the image!90% of our donations are legally required to go our main goal, which is the empowerment of all Plurals.

We want to make it possible for all Plurals to help out in this project, hence we ask people to share posts, invite friends, volunteer or hold your own fundraiser for this project. We also set the one time and monthly donation cost at a minimum of $3, so hopefully it is accessible for Many of us Plurals. If you  cannot donate financially yourself, maybe you know someone who supports you or Plurals in general and is able to make a financial contribution. 90% of our donations are legally required to go our main goal, which is the empowerment of all Plurals. The other 10% is used for overhead cost like the website, promotions and digital office spaces. Like any other Dutch nonprofit, we are legally required to post our financial statements on the Plural Association website, within 6 months of the new calendar year.

One time donations can be made without signing in. For monthly donations an account is required. Donations can be made by clicking this text. Thank you so much for your trust and support. If you have any questions or need help to be able to make a donation, feel free to ask them during the event or email us at contact @ thepluralassociation.org

Who is behind TPA?

81465098_496868454542573_7295808259351379968_n Sarah& Clark – They/Them (Plural) – Netherlands – Founders – Is a disabled queer Plural activist and advocate, mother, artist and organizer. They have traveled internationally for nonprofit work, speaking engagements and for educational purposes since 2007 and focus since 2017 on Plurals and DID with their organisation Power to the Plurals. They also founded and admin AlterNation a free, online inclusive of all support group for Plurals, that serves nearly 2500 Plurals worldwide in a tight community. They have released over 50 educational videos on Dissociative Identity Disorder and other forms of Plurality. Their website also contains over 50 different articles and various resources. Some of which have been translated by community members in 5 different languages to help Plurals worldwide! Power to the Plurals has worked closely together with Plural Events to organise the first online and free Plural Positivity World Conference 2019 where they presented multiple sessions themselves as well.


49114117_2195354500781427_7310665908437909504_o (1).jpg Azi Bass – She/They (Plural) – USA – Team Member – She is an ADA advocate for people with disabilities and their service dogs. She is a longstanding admin for the largest Plural support group on Facebook and helps advocate for each of their 7.5k+ members on a daily basis. She is a speaker on Plurality and service dogs amongst other topics. They have an in depth understanding of Plurality and Dissociative identity disorder through their work and own lived experience. They have had different educational opportunities they participated in over the years. They worked for a multibillion dollar nonprofit and their skills and expertise they bring to the team are invaluable!


79805300_448029775889653_5977307699535151104_n Laura Puddefoot – She/They (Plural) – Australia – Team Member – Advocates for mental health, support and education. Worked on statewide projects for LGBTIQ+ rights and diversity including speaking at international conferences and for organisational training sessions. Currently studying a double bachelors in psychology. Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder with a service dog named Milo, Laura was a part of the staff from Plural Events, who organised and presented a part of the first Plural Positivity World Conference 2019. She also co-facilitates a Dissociative Disorders support group based in Melbourne and admins a Plural group online. She is excited to be a part of this new venture and we are so glad to have her dedicated selves on board!

Donations can be made here: https://ko-fi.com/thepluralassociation
Thank you for your support!


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