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Help us Fundraise for The Plural Association Non-Profit WarmLine!

Dear Plurals and other folks, you might have heard it already, here and here, but The Plural Association is registering as a nonprofit and starting a platform that includes an email, chat and a warmline phone service! Plural is an umbrella term, that The Plural Association defines as, anyone who self identifies as being or having more than one individual within a single body. Research shows us that at least 1 to 3% of the world population is, what we call Plural. There are barely any services available by Plurals for Plurals, let alone worldwide, hence we are coming together, to make it a reality and we ask and invite you to join us!

Why we need you to help us fundraise:

Together we are stronger, that is the motto here! Fundraising is essential as The Plural Association depends solely on community support. We want a nonprofit and warmline that is truly by Plurals, for Plurals. We know that we can only realistically set this up long term, when there is also financial support and we know that we reach those financial goals a lot quicker if we work together. When we fundraise together. When we all ask our own communities, support network, friends and other loved ones to pitch in together. So thank you so much for taking the time to read this article and for figuring out how you can help! (text continues under picture)

1Link to Fundraiser:

What to share:

Link to Fundraiser:
Email list sign up:
Our other social media posts!

Whom to share with:

    • Your social media contacts
    • People who support you&
    • Your Plural friends
    • Other Plural allies you personally know

How to share it:

Sharing your personal reason(s) why this cause is important to you&,
will help people understand why they should donate towards it.
Please only share what is safe for you&!

The more you share about our nonprofit, the more awareness and involvement we’ll receive. Share our posts or write your own! Sharing leads to more funding, which enables us to help more Plurals. Follow along on Facebook and twitter.

Frequently asked questions:

What are we fundraising for?
A by Plurals for Plurals nonprofit, called The Plural Association (TPA.)
TPA will set up a platform including email, chat and a warmline phone service, where systems can share their stories and worries, with other lived experienced Plurals.
We have divided our fundraising into different parts. To see the current goal, please visit the donation link. In the top right corner you can see how much of the current goal is reached and what the current goal is for!

How much of the donations go towards the project?
The Plural Association is legally required
to spend 90% of donations on our main goal,
which is the empowerment of all Plurals.

How much does a call cost?
TPA wants to offer this service for free to all those who need it in the community.
We know from other warmlines that a call costs about $10 US dollars.
However, our one time and monthly donation amount starts at $3 to make it as accessible for Plurals to participate!

Why should people donate monthly?
We have monthly returning cost at the warmline. Monthly donations, even in lower amounts then one time donations, guarantee the continuity of our services year round!

Is there a reward?
Yes, after making a donation via you receive a personal thank you message by one of our team members. Your name and message, if you choose to do so, will be displayed on the ko-fi wall! Our reward program will be expanded in the future.

Text continues under the image!6

How to fundraise:

Social media:
Always use social media even for offline events.
It’s a great way to network & invite more friends.
TPA can be found on Facebook & Twitter,
follow us and share our posts to help us fundraise.
Or make your own posts and include the fundraiser link:

Team up:
Do it together, create a team inside and outside,
with local or online plural friends.
This creates motivation, challenges, camaraderie and competition.
Who raised the most money at the end of the week?

House party:
Organise a fundraiser house party, online or offline.
Invite your friends, ask an entry fee & explain it’s for
The TPA fundraiser, play some games, sell some snacks,
if  you can hold a raffle, auction or give away.

Introvert options:
We hear you, not all of you are looking forward to house parties.
You can always share the TPA social media posts, email links to your friends, donate your art, invite friends online or host a live stream.

”One of our donors asked their friends to donate towards our fundraiser for their birthday. It was a huge success!”

How to pop the question:
Asking people for their money is not easy. Remember that you are not asking money for yourself, instead you help to fundraise for the bigger goal of the empowerment of Plurals.  After explaining your reason of why someone should support TPA ask them:
”Would you consider donating monthly to help empower Plurals worldwide?” Be silent for at least 10 seconds while you wait until they answer, by doing this, we give people the time to think and the option to choose. If their answer is no, ask them: ”What would you consider?” and see if they would give an one time donation.

Have Fun:
Fundraising can bring challenges, so work closely together
with your inside & outside team(s) and most importantly,
have a lot of fun while participating in
The Plural Association fundraising.

Thank you so much for investing your time, effort and dedication
towards fundraising for The Plural Association. Together we are stronger!
We greatly appreciate it and are looking forward to this collaboration.
If you need help fundraising or if you want to discuss other options,
please do not hesitate to reach out to us at
contact @ thepluralassociation .org

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