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The Plural Association Nonprofit is now a reality!

Dear reader,

History was written on February fifth 2020 when we signed the paperwork at the notary and became an ‘by plurals, for plurals’ nonprofit!
It’s called The Plural Association Stichting, which is the Dutch word for nonprofit.

To celebrate we launched the website you can visit it at: 

Please invite a plural friend or ally to also have a look at our new site, to spread the word and gain more traction. Thank you so much!

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A picture of the strongholdsystem signing the nonprofit paperwork at the notary office.
A picture of the strongholdsystem signing the nonprofit paperwork at the notary office.

From our donation page:

”The Plural Association (TPA) nonprofit provides community and support to the 1-3% of plurals in the world and their allies. Plural is an umbrella term, defined by us as; ”Everyone who self-identifies as being or having more than one individual within a single body” and hence is also inclusive of people with amongst others, dissociative identity disorder.
Many plurals live happy lives, albeit they also have questions or worries sometimes. Hence, TPA wants to custom build a platform where all plurals can safely share their worries and stories, with lived experienced and trained plurals.
TPA is the only ‘by plurals, for plurals’ nonprofit and depends fully on community support. Their services lower suicide rates, hospitalizations and overall (mental) health cost, as a call to their warmline will only costs $10 which is of course significantly less than the estimated $100 cost of a 911 call!

To reach these goals, TPA is custom building a warmline text and call platform, for all plurals, no matter where they are on the spectrum. TPA want to make this platform and the calls available for free to all plurals!
So please consider donating a call for plurals in need. Thank you!

TPA is a SSBI Stichting, which is the dutch word for nonprofit and does not pay taxes over your donations. Thank you!”

Mission statement:

”The Plural Association (TPA) has the mission to Empower plurals

by developing and using their capacities to actively shape their own lives 

and that of the plural community and the society of which they are part, 

in economic, social and political terms.”

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