Links and Resources

All our Educational videos playlist:

 I will only share here what i think is worth mentioning or that has helped me personally a lot. Please dont message me to include you in this list. 

Power to the Plurals A YouTube channel linked to this website
with over a 100 videos on dissociative identity disorder.

Facebook Group:
AlterNation – A safe support group for those with DID/OSDD

Links to other peoples work:
Plural – organises amazing conferences and much more. Is one of the websites that has been around the longest on the internet and they started spreading awareness and knowledge in the early 90’s!
A highly educational website with an amazing bootcamp podcast!
– link to article with mention Power to the Plurals video on communication tips
SystemSpeak Podcast – This blog and podcast is very informative by Dr. E and the rest of their system. They were the keynote speaker for the Plural Positivity World Conference 2019, which was such a good session on the history of DID.
We had the honor of being a guest on the system speak podcast in September 2019.

DID specialists, structural dissociation among other things:
Links to helpful websites/acritles:
International society for the study of trauma
and dissociation (isstd)
DID research:
Grounding Techniques:
The united front bootcamp:
The Significant Other’s Guild to Dissociative Identity Disorder:
DID medication overview:
Service dog tasks for psychiatric disabilities:
Questions to ask your therapist during first convo with a new therapist
The international bill of rights:
Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder in Adults, Third Revision
Phase-oriented treatment of structural dissociation in complex traumatization: overcoming trauma-related phobias:
US National Library of Medicine DID:
Fact or factitious? A psychobiological study of authentic and simulated dissociative identity states:
That red bar is DID btw!