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10 things to do on DID Awareness Day March 5th

1 Spread awareness online. Let's get the #DIDAwareness &c. Trending! By retweeting, reblogging, liking, sharing and commenting on posts spreading awareness. You could also use #DIDAwarenessDay #BreakTheDIDStigma #DIDOSDD &  #WeTooUse a fake account to protect your identity if needed. Twitter @Plural_Events will provide a continuous stream of new infographics, meme's and pictures throughout the day… Continue reading 10 things to do on DID Awareness Day March 5th

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Depersonalization and derealization #DID101 – Article 5.

Depersonalization/derealization disorder a dissociative disorder by itself. But those with DID can also experience the same symptoms. The DSM5 criteria say that if there is another dissociative disorder it’s better to diagnose that one. Hence those with DID/OSDD do not receive an extra diagnosis when they experience depersonalization/derealization. The DSM5 explains the following on Depersonalization:… Continue reading Depersonalization and derealization #DID101 – Article 5.