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Why the theory of Structural dissociation is ableist

Anyone who has watched a DID youtube video, or read a few posts in a support group, has seen it pass by: The theory of Structural dissociation, written by Ellert Neijenhuis, Onno van der Hart, Suzette Boon and Kathy Steele.  It’s good to know that in 1987, the writers of this theory already referred to… Continue reading Why the theory of Structural dissociation is ableist

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Fragments  #DID101 – Article 7.

Last week’s article was all about alters. This week we look at the difference between alters and fragments in dissociative identity disorder (DID) and other specified dissociative disorder (OSDD)  . The book the haunted self teaches us where the word fragment comes from; Braun in 1986 suggested a sort of spectrum, with at the one… Continue reading Fragments  #DID101 – Article 7.