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Amnesia and timeloss #DID101 – article 8

Amnesia and timeloss #DID 101 - article 8  In the first DID101 we already had a quick look at amnesia. The DSM5 describes amnesia in DID as defined gaps in the recall of everyday events, important personal information and/or traumatic events.   Timeloss is a term often used to indicate, that someone experiences amnesia of… Continue reading Amnesia and timeloss #DID101 – article 8

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Fragments  #DID101 – Article 7.

Last week’s article was all about alters. This week we look at the difference between alters and fragments in dissociative identity disorder (DID) and other specified dissociative disorder (OSDD)  . The book the haunted self teaches us where the word fragment comes from; Braun in 1986 suggested a sort of spectrum, with at the one… Continue reading Fragments  #DID101 – Article 7.

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MPD to DID 25 years later – Integration & final fusion.

25 years have passed since multiple personality disorder was reclassified as dissociative identity disorder in 1994. But not much seems to have changed when it comes down to actual help for those who suffer from the disorder. Hence this year, we will post multiple articles here, to address some of the past and current problems.… Continue reading MPD to DID 25 years later – Integration & final fusion.


2019 – From surviving to living

As we close the chapter of 2018 and enter into the new year, i like to take a moment to reflect and to share our intentions for 2019. On a personal level 2018 was crazy. With 3 surgeries in one year, defeating cancer before it got a real chance to get a hold and managing… Continue reading 2019 – From surviving to living

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Empowerment Project #DID101 – Article 1. DID vs OSDD

DID vs OSDD Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorders (OSDD) are both diagnoses that are in the DSM-V. But what is the difference? Today we look at the differences and the questions you can ask yourself. 3 Requirement Questions: 1. Do you have 2 or more distinct identities or personality states that… Continue reading Empowerment Project #DID101 – Article 1. DID vs OSDD